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about usUrban Nomads Industrial Company
The Company was established in 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan to provide its Client's and Customers with professional engineering services.
Now with the Main Headquarter in Baku City, Azerbaijan the Company also has the Branch Office in Basrah City, Iraq and other partners' offices in the Middle East.

The management of UNIC shows continuous adherence to the following principles:

    • Management of business in accordance with high quality standards is the basis of all UNIC activities. Managing quality is crucial for any scale businesses. Quality services or goods help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty services. Companies can build a reputation for quality by gaining accreditation with a recognized quality standard, such as ISO 9001, published by the International Organization for Standardization, which is now Aim Nol for UNIC.


    • Safety of operations is one of UNIC main priorities. Risk assessment and regular prejob task observations, implementation of ASA/STOP safety monitoring programs on work site and staff trainings are conducted on a regular basis. Our safety policy could be best described as zero lolerance for potentially hazardous activities. UNIC is dedicated to providing the safest possible service and also undertakes campaigns to increase safety awareness amongst employees, subcontractors and third-parties.


    • Proper Project Management - Project management is a growing field used increasingly by businesses of all sizes. As entrepreneurs and company executives deal with the daily responsibilities of managing an organization, it is important to use dedicated project managers to oversee projects from conception to completion. Understanding effective project management techniques helps organizations carry out large-scale projects on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the rest of the business. The acceptance of project management as a profession indicates that the application of knowledge, processes, skills, tools, and techniques can have a significant impact on project success.


    • The enhancement of professional experience in all spheres of operation is the core value of UNIC business development We continually improve our services, customer care and staffing by investing in high tech and human resources in order to remain competitive on today's market.